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[R/B] About Attacks

Hello everyone.

I just recently decided to give a try to rom hacking Red/Blue games and I'm finding myself with quite a lot of questions which I hope you will help me resolve.
So far, I have figured out how to edit the Pokémon evolutions thanks to Guiege's guide and a thread started in this forum.

Without further ado I'll explain you my doubts, excuse me in advance because you'll find that I am quite a noob ; )

- Supposedly I am able to edit/add the moves Pokémon are able to learn by level up. I just can't figure it out how to edit them.

- I would like to edit the distribution of TM/HM attacks Pokémon can learn (e.g. make Clefable learn Fly). Is there a way to do so?

- And last but not least, I'm wondering if there is a way to edit the attacks of the opposing Pokémon (the ones owned by trainers, leaders and Elite 4/Champion) which could be great.

I hope you will find the thread understandable, if you have any question about what I'm trying to say please ask me so I try to give a more precise explanation. I will greatly appreciate if you answer with some examples too.

Thanks for your time! ; )

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Re: [R/B] About Attacks

1. Evolution / Learnset data starts at 0x3B05C. Pokemon are ordered by Index Number and for each Pokemon evolution data comes first and then learnset data, separated by 0x00.
e.g.: Weepinbell's learnset data:
00 0D 23 0F 4D 12 4F 17 4E 1D 33 26 4B 31 15 00
At level 0x0D (13) learns the move 0x23 (Wrap), at level 0x0F (15) learns the move 0x4D, and so on until a 0x00 is reached which makes Weepinbell's data end and the evolution/learnset data of the next Pokemon (Victreebel) start.

2. TM/HM flags are part of the base stats data. Have a look at this to find out the details: … neration_ITo figure out the tm/hm moves a Pokemon can learn you'll have to convert each byte from hexadecimal to binary and invert the order of the bits (for example first byte refers to TMs 01 to 08, for example a '1' in the first position would mean that the Pokemon can learn TM 08).

3. Trainer pokemon data starts at 0x39DCE but I recommend you edit trainer pokemon with a tool like red / blue trainer editor iirc its name (google it)


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