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Unused Music from Pokemon Games MIDIS

Hi folks. Today i want present you my did from scratch UNUSED pokemon Game Themes. For now i only present four of them. But later i try add more. If i give more i update first post.

POKEMON RED - UNUSED THEME (Very famous theme which is discovered so early)

POKEMON YELLOW - UNUSED THEME 1 (It would fit very good on battle with Ghost MissingNo.)

POKEMON CRYSTAL - UNUSED THEME 1 (I think it was theme for early ROUTE... Meybe Route 47 would been in Crystal on first idea?)

POKEMON CRYSTAL - UNUSED THEME 2 (This is meybe early design of Game Corner or Safari Zone in the end of Route 48)

As I said. All i made from scratch <It is not ideal. But I do all my best to make it>

If you want use one of them ask me beafore. - Pokemon Ruby GEN V GRAPHIC hack Thread - Unused Music Midi Thread - Some info about region Thonsu


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Re: Unused Music from Pokemon Games MIDIS

converting streamed music to midi isnt really the best idea

This isn't easy to say, but…
Music and ASM hacker


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