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<<<Ita Members Hangout>>>

Since this is General Discussion Section, it may be right place for this. I wish to know, who among you guys is italian?
This may also be a help for us, for example if someone got problems while hacking or didn't understood something we could help each other.

Admins, is ok if we use our native language so we could understand each other easier and quicker?

I left this forum.


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Re: <<<Ita Members Hangout>>>

I’m going to veto this. There are so many varied people and nationalities on this board that if we had a thread for each language, information would be hidden except to the portion of the population speaking a particular language. I don’t feel that creating barriers based on nationality is constructive—one of the best things about the Internet is that it destroys these barriers, and puts everyone on equal footing.

I don’t like having a Filipino thread either, but I’m resistant to delete something that already has had so much activity. But I want to nip any others in the bud.

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