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Help Finding X-Loc Value

This is not all that drastic. I am trying to find the address in my debugger for this X-Loc to the trainer sprite to move it more to the right:


I found that it is stored as OAM, it's buffered at $C300:

The value for the first tile (tile 00) OAM X-Loc = 51, Y-Loc = 60, Attribute = 80

This is how I found the OAM to the trainer on the title screen:

I looked for the loads with "C300".
I found the routine by doing a search for "ld hl,C300".
And I found that it was in the $C3xx location by looking at the DMA "call FF80" routine, which starts with "ld a,C3". That number "C3" indicates that the sprite table is at location $C300.

My above method did not work in the case of this OAM routine though.

I only found two ld hl C300 for this at ROM0: 0083 and ROM0: 008F. Neither of them have the value close to it.

Here is a .sav file for BGB, if anyone can help. Just rename it to the name of your ROM, leaving the .sav extension. … anced).sav

Talk to the man right next to the trainer for the diploma. Also, I found the text to be at $567AA, but the sprite function is nowhere close to it.

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