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#1 2013-05-18 23:08:29

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The 80C's Sorry Thread

I know I did many errors and bs in the past months, now that I'm conscious and I'm doing better I think it's time to say sorry to some people here, so sorry 2:

That was a big misunderstanding, the one about "bs", I don't want put you under discussion anymore;

I'm sure you didn't wanted being involved in the "bs" question - darn, you're good, why I should be still afraid then?

I don't think the matter was bad, but I thought then you were afraid too, that about the post deleting.
And I kept good your suggestion, I subscribed in TH too as you suggested;

Sorry if I didn't helped you, I have too less knowledge of the Green Rom, but I'm fine you found a solution for it;

Darn, you're a good guy! Why should I be still angry with you? I shouldn't.
Yes, you're competitive as you said, but it's for continuing getting ever better than before, not because you're angry with me;

this is the sorry for the mass deleting of my old posts during my breakdown.
You helped me since the first moment with that registration problem, this place isn't the same thing without you.

@ everyone else
This Forum is not bad, this forum is good, and I hope it will continue being so.
If there was someone I forgot before, this is the sorry needed.

Now life goes on so let's continue.

I left this forum.


#2 2013-05-18 23:19:56

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Re: The 80C's Sorry Thread

You don't have to take the things that happened in the past too seriously. Even though you acted in an unwanted way, that doesn't mean you did anything bad, not at all.

Anyways, I could try to write something more "flexible" here but it happens to be so that we had a "drinking evening" today so I'm not really in mood of trying to pull out anything better than this.

But hey, we don't have any reason to be angry at you or anything like that. :)


#3 2013-05-19 07:27:08

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Re: The 80C's Sorry Thread

Hey don't worry 80c I understand it ;)


#4 2013-05-19 08:09:55

From: Sinnoh
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Re: The 80C's Sorry Thread

Ya i know you are a swell guy in real world.this is internet who cares. So stop apologizing and just concentrate in that which will help you in future :) we are good friends.


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