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Hex Offsets for Red?

Hi guys,

New to the forums here but loving what I have found. Im currently working on a pokemon red hack. I have begun Hex Editing. This is my first time ever HexEditing but I was succsefully able to change a pokemon name. I found the names at the offset 1c21e. What I would like to know are what are some important hex offsets? What I would need is Oak Intro text, Pokedex, Gym Leader texts, pretty much every text possible. I know there are programs available but I want to learn how to Hex Edit.

Thanks for any help and sorry if this has already been posted. I did search for offsets but could find nothing


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Re: Hex Offsets for Red?

Most hex editors have a text search function that works with a table file. With that you can find any text you need.

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