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Fakemon generator?

I found a tool named Pokemon Randomizer on Pokecommunity forums. The program randomizes all pokemon stats, types, moves, trainer pokemon, wild pokemon data, etc. Tentacool can be Fire/Flying pokemon having Sacred Fire since lvl 1, Heracross can be Electric, etc. The problem is, you simply can't remember all 251 pokemon new types (and stats).

This gave me an idea...

I am going to create a tool which generates random "fakemons" (hence the name). How would it work? All pokemon data would be randomized, BUT their palettes would adapt to their types (poison Charmander would be purple). I could also create a base of prefixes and suffixes which would connect in random way to create new names ('Venomander' ?).

I messed around and created a program which generates a moveset for any type combination. For example, here are three results for Fire/Water combo:

'Bind', 'Harden', 'Water Gun', 'Fury Swipes', 'Frustration', 'Sunny Day', 'Flame Wheel', 'Octazooka', 'Hydro Pump'
'Bubble', 'Harden', 'Barrage', 'Ember', 'Metronome', 'Sunny Day', 'Bubblebeam', 'Fire Punch', 'Egg Bomb'
'Tackle', 'String Shot', 'Water Gun', 'Meditate', 'Clamp', 'Spikes', 'Perish Song', 'Crabhammer', 'Flamethrower'

'Scratch', 'String Shot', 'Foresight', 'Present', 'Conversion', 'Thunderwave', 'Steel Wing', 'Thunder Punch', 'Thunderbolt'

This algorithm is yet to be improved, though I don't want to put too much restrictions, because movesets would become too repetivive.

With adjustable 'balance level' (allowing 'less fitting' moves to be picked more often and stronger ones picked on lower levels) this tool will be able to create millions of variants of the same game. Players would be able to discover the game once more, because the biggest constant - Pokemon - have been totally altered. Every game each Pokemon would have different role. Pryce being Dark-type Gym Leader with Dark/Ghost black-colored Aipom having Hypnosis and Dream Eater, anyone?

What do you think of this idea?


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Re: Fakemon generator?

Hahha! Sounds awesome, I'd like to play that.
Maybe even more than once actually.


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Re: Fakemon generator?

it wont hurt to try,maybe weak pokemon will have their big break having randomized as,maybe strongest on the game?(i would like to pin point magikarp being strong with its current state maybe?)


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Re: Fakemon generator?

I also had this idea.  But since I wanted to generate completely new Pokémon, I got stuck on the graphics.  The best bet for that would be to randomly generate 3D monsters (somebody has definitely done this) and then cleverly turn them into sprites (cel shading is a thing, but I don't think anybody has made a good sprite-like dithering algorithm).  Since that is too complicated, though, I dropped it.


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Mickey-A 42
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Re: Fakemon generator?

Interesting idea. I think it would create a new type of adventure. Not only to catch all Pokemon, but to get lucky and capture the powerful ones. But where would the randomization occur? Would the player be wondering through the depths of a cave, and when they are attacked by a Pokemon would it then randomize the Pokemon that appears? I think that sounds Ideal. But then would gym leaders' Pokemon be definite?

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Re: Fakemon generator?

Hey Mickey-A 42, thanks for reply. At first I want to say that if you want to read more about this project, check this topic:
The program will work in similar way to .ips patch. So all new random stuff will be defined before you even start playing. Think of it as of a Pokemon game in alternate universe.

About Gym Leaders, they will specialize in a random type and use pokemon of that type. I will put big effort to make them challenging (neither too weak nor too strong at a given stage of game).

Oh, and your signature, the "b" means a bemolle, right? ;)

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