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Well, hello!

Hey guys :)

Just a quick message because I think I might stick around for a moment. I'm a french guy, temporarily working in UK, and I've been into Pokémon hacks for a moment, now. I have tried loads and loads of games, and, obviously, I eagerly came to the point where I wanted to make my own ;) I'm really amazed of what you guys have done! So, yeah, as this year is a lucky year during which I can enjoy much more free time than I've ever had (part time jobs rule!) I've decided to spend some with learning how to do stuff with Hex editors, scripts and GoldMap/JohtoEditor!

I have this little project I would love to achieve, nothing big, nothing impossible, nothing too ambitious, just the story of a guy who wakes up in a cave and find this Umbreon. Also, there's a little girl, lots of victims, and aggressive shiny Pokémon. Working title: "Of Moonlight and Shadows" For now on, I've got all the game written down on paper, and I'm learning how to script! I might have lots of questions in the days to come, and as you all seem pretty cool, I think this is the place to be :)

So, yeah, hi, and see you very soon ;)


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Re: Well, hello!

Hi there!

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, always try searching whether they have been asnwered elsewhere first though.


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