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Pokémon Evolution

I thought of an idea for a simple remake of Gold or Silver: what if the only way Pokémon could evolve was with a single type of evolution stone? Other than branch lines, it would always be the same stone. For branch lines, there can be things like "Alternate Stone" and "Varied Stone," while it would normally be a "Power Stone." These stones would be used sparingly, like Rare Candies, for there are very few normally and it would cost a very large amount of Poké (I don't know the maximum, so I can't say). I think it might be a good way to make evolution harder and more special, yet Gym Leaders and everyone would have their normal teams, which means you also have to be careful
A) Not to get behind, and
B) Not to evolve before learning the right moves!
Anyway, if someone has extra time and wants to, they can try to make this for fun. It's a public idea, but I probably won't be making it. (From what I know of the limits of coding, it wouldn't take too long.)
Another idea is to have them given out in addition to/instead of TMs by Gym Leaders, and otherwise only be available in the Goldenrod/Celadon Dept. Stores for a high price.

I haven't been on this site for a very long time. Sorry about that! >.<
I am probably not going to get very far in the ROM projects that I've started, at least until I get more experience hacking, so I apologize.


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CJ Miller
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Re: Pokémon Evolution

Sounds like a pretty good idea.

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