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What if I dropped it?

Hey everyone. I haven't been here for quite a while, and I wanted to find something out. KoolBoyMan started a hack of Pokemon Red to make it a GBC rom, and in full color. This was never finished. After seeing it, I started my own project, of the same goal from scratch. I don't think i'm going to finish it, because I just don't feel it will get me far in life. I still have all my progress, and some notes (though a bit vague), and I was wondering if I should post it here for someone to pick it up and finish it? I basically have all the maps done, so you guys would need to do battles and all the other Misc. I honestly just want to see this finished sometime. So... anyone fluent in GBC ASM want to take over on it? (Also, I used a lot of RAM bank switching which is only available in GBC mode).

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Re: What if I dropped it?

I know I would be willing to try it out. (I am actually the one who commented on your video yesterday)
Perhaps this could even be some sort of a community project.
I feel like we always talk about community projects but they never actually happen.
This way, all our great minds can work through this and finish it, while noone has to dedicate too much time to it.
Perhaps you could even stick around to assist and this way you wouldn't have all the work to do by yourself.
Anyone else interested in seeing this finished?


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