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[??]Few Question i cant solve

- How to add warp to gold map
- How to change the collocios data of tile set
- What are the limited colors in gbc sprite
- How to change your pallete
- How to change the moves sprite

Thanks to some One help me


Anyway call me crazyboy cause im crazy about creating something


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Re: [??]Few Question i cant solve

#1 - There is a tutorial (written by me) in the Gen II section about adding new events to a map.
#2 - The easiest way is to use Melash's Tileset Editor found in the tools section.
#3 - The exact colours vary with which pallet is being used, but each sprite can only use up to 4 colours (INCLUDING black and white)
#4 - I assume you mean the player's pallet. Are you meaning which pallet his overworld sprite loads, which one his sprite loads, all of them, etc?
#5 - To edit the move animation graphics, you would need to use Tile Layer Pro and just look around until you find them. I believe they are not compressed or anything.

I am no longer active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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Re: [??]Few Question i cant solve

#2 file invalid and delete
#3 no dude Mateo I mean if It is 4 bit or else
#4 hiro's pallete color
#5 I cant find TLP some links delete
odd question : how to add wild pokemon in new bark town?

Thanks anyway Dude u help me a lot


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