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#1 2012-09-27 11:02:50

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editing color

How can i edit the pallete/color in:

Can someone help me? T.T

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#2 2012-09-27 12:21:05

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Re: editing color

Aww, come on, Mateo told you already how to do it:

Mateo wrote:

I opened the Pokedex in-game, went to the emulator's pallet viewer, and wrote down the hex value of each of the colours and searched for them in a hex editor. Then I just typed in my new pallet over the old one.
I don't know about other emulators, but I know that if you use VBA's pallet viewer, you have to swap the bytes around when searching for the pallet. ie- if a colour says "x7FFF" you would search for FF7F instead.

Do the same for the other menus. VBA's palette viewer is your best friend. Click on the color you want to edit and look at `Value'. Then search for it in a hex editor. You will find an extensive table with lots of other palettes; pay attention to not accidently overwrite other colors. I suggest you to read some tutorials here to catch up some basic knowledge.



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