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Wild pokemon data editing

According to Koolboymans' ROM map (for Gold), the wild pokemon data for johto wild pokemon starts at 2AB35.
I just wanted to test if I could make new bark town (outside map) have its own wild pokemon data.
To do so, I changed the map bank and map number of the wild pokemon data of route 46 to the ones of new bark town (24 04). As a result, route 46 didn't have wild pokemon anymore but the odd thing was that no wild pokemon appeared in new bark town either.

Are 24 04 really the map bank -and number of new bark town ?
GoldMap shows it that way but I can't think of any other way why this wouldn't work...

Yay !
I messed up big time, GoldMap shows the map banks in decimal so the data would be 18 04.

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Re: Wild pokemon data editing

If you take a look in my doc, I covered the Pokémon stuff in great detail, because there are several lists.




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