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How do I into hacking?

I'd like to learn how to hack either g/s/c or r/b/y, and know absolutely nothing.


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Re: How do I into hacking?

Download tools like JohtoMap and GoldMap, play around with them a bit.
Tutorials like Mateo's Adding Events to a Map in Goldmap 1.6 should help you understand the concept of pointers and make structure of the game a little closer to you. Once you get the pointers, you might start understanding the "behind the game scenes" - suddenly everything becomes much more easy. Knowledge of hexadecimal is necessary there. Tauwasser's great tutorial should be then no problem for you. Most of stuff is written around.

Or you can just make 10 help topics, resign and go on to Gen III hacking ;)


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Re: How do I into hacking?

Moved to the proper section.

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