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#1 2012-07-13 11:58:19

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Map connection - everything is fine, but...


I have a problem with connecting two maps. Its a down/up connection. I filled all fields according to tutorials here and it seems perfect. The only problem is, when I enter upper map from the bottom one, the highlighted with red color places "borrow" certain blocks from the previous map. Everything else is good.

Also, when going from top map to bottom one, such trees appear:
As opposed to buggy blocks in earlier case, these only borrow graphics, but rest of properties is same as the original tiles. I mean, when you walk on these treetops, you walk normally on grass. If you open main menu, they all dissapear at once, same happens if they go out of screen (when you go away and come back)


Top map: Width 6 / Height 30
Bottom map: Width 64 / Height 7
The X coordinate of white path block is 33 on bottom map and 1 on top map.

Connection details: BOTTOM / TOP map

I don't really understand the Width/Height concept in map connection, some tutorials say one of them is bigness of map connection (?). I tried to alter their values, but it either didn't change anything at all or messed the map connection - at this moment I can freely walk from one to other map.


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Re: Map connection - everything is fine, but...

Width basically means the width of connected map and should be 06 (6) for the connection to "Up" like you have but for "Down", 40 (64).
Height is the width of the connection in the connected map (in blocks). Basically, if both maps share the same border block (tree-block for instance), the height can be currently 3 or bigger for both maps. For the connection "Up", you can set it as 6 (at maximum and likely, this is the most "accurate" value you can put in). For the connection "Down", you can also set is as 6.

I'm not sure if I've got this right or not because I still have problems with map connections myself too though.

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Re: Map connection - everything is fine, but...

Problem solved - I did it with MegaMap. The preview of map connections helped a lot - the main problem was that JohtoMap calculated CSUBP wrongly - had to calculate it manually. I recommend using MegaMap to everyone - not only you see how the connection looks, you can also learn about OMDL, CMPDL. I also learned about Width and Height ;)


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