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New pkmn tools

Guys i found some good tools for hacking gold and silver,thought it would great to share them with u all:
(1)meowth's gfx inserter[]
(2) gs pallete editor[ … .zip.html]
i haven't tried them yet.let me know if they work.i'll post more usefull tools.

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Re: New pkmn tools

Oh wow, I haven't seen Meowth's gfx inserter in years! Its what we used before Agixp. And HFD is cool, but its also DOS based and will crash if you've repointed a pokemon's move/evolution pointer. It also annoyingly changes the "Nintendo Creatures Gamefreak" copyright screen to say "EDITED BY HFD FROM MEOWTH HACKS". As for the pallet editor, don't think I've seen that one before.

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