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Generic Patching A Rom Tutorial

Originally posted by Cartmic

Patching a ROM with snestool.
  1. Put snestool in the same directory as your ROM and IPS files.

  2. Load Snestool, navigate over to the 'Use IPS patch' and select it.

  3. Choose the IPS file, then the ROM to patch it too.

  4. Your ROM will be patch and reay to go, so now press 'Q' to exit.


I made a Snestool tutorial as thats what I use and have used since my early ROM hacking days (before it I used HebeGB but it could only patch and not create them so I switched to a more adequate tool). Anyone who has the gift of sight will be able adapt this simple tutorial to a GUI based patcher like 'JIPS' or 'Lunar IPS'.

For Linux/BSD IPS patching/patch file creation: PatchROM script dumper/inserter (script as in dialogue etc).

And/or there's some random Perl IPS patching scripts, no creation, I've seen too... v0.01 0.03, 0.04, and 0.05

Can't say I've honestly tried these much, though.

I haven't seen any UPS patchers that won't require X Windows or WINE.

IIMarckus wrote:

Anyone have recommendations for a command‐line IPS or UPS patcher for BSD/Linux?

I tried one the other day built for GTK but it couldn't patch it, it instead came up with and error: "Record offset is out of file".

I am not very active on this forum. I only pop in from time to time.


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