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#1 2012-07-01 09:11:24

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my pokemon red rom

this pokemon red rom is my first time editing a rom

in this rom all trainers have increased difficulty
alot of fan favorite pokemon will appear in the wild very early, and all 151 pokemon can be caught in the wild
the surf without pokemon item can be collected and used to fight blaine and koga first or you can use it to collect pokemon at seaform island
gym and rival battles have been made much much more tougher
besides recover, soft boiled, and rest, every single move will do damage on your enemies (even growl and sing)
starting pokemon have been edited to venomoth, alakazam, and butterfree
for those of you who that hate hm moves, now you dont need them to complete the game
fresh water can be bought in cerulean and vermelion city, which means that you can ignore the rock tunnel
you will now get more xp for defeating pokemon
gym leaders (except giovanni) will now give you rare candies so you will be spending less time training and more time fighting

thank you to for providing the tools to edit this rom

if u find errors please let me know

tell me what you think of it

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#2 2012-09-30 23:45:54

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Re: my pokemon red rom

it seems interesting... but it is a basic hack. no changed tilesets, no text or script editing... dont get me wrong, i love the classics, but we come here so we can play other games based off of the classics. i love the idea of upping the difficulty thought, so if i wanna play a harder version, i'll download this and try it.

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#3 2012-12-07 14:53:53

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Re: my pokemon red rom

interesting. Could you put screens?


#4 2012-12-07 22:33:21

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Re: my pokemon red rom

So if this game is harder than the original than why have an alakazam as a starter? Wouldn't that make the game really easy?

It says the file was deleted or something like that

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