’Cause all games were better on the GBC

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Raven Freak
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Hello everyone, i'm Raven Freak. I just joined today because i'm starting to take interest in hacking the older Pocket Monsters games. You might know me from GCL, as I discovered 2 glitches. (I wouldn't really say they were major, I discovered that you could "remove" Snorlax from the overworld because the game thinks you're in a battle and thus remove's its sprite from the overworld, and an alternate glitch city in Silph Co. which I dubbed it that.) While I was absent there, I taught myself z80 asm and started hacking the 8-bit Sonic games so hacking the classic Pokemon games shouldn't be too difficult to pick up. ;) My main focus now isn't a hack but to document stuff that hasn't been documented yet, mainly to see if there were any significant bug fixes or improvements between the Japanese Yellow and the US versions. However that doesn't mean I won't work on a hack at some point. :P Anyway glad to see a Pokemon hacking community that focuses more on the classics. :D


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