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.mes Editor for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

(This is possibly going to be the oddest post in this board. It's not Pokemon, but there's that FF7 thread. I figured I'd let you all know I've not completely disappeared, as well as show you all my latest project.)

.mes Editor

i6PT75rjyuvh6.png iuy3bHIqqpxrE.png

.mes Editor is a program to be used for editing the .mes files from the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo Gamecube. .mes files are the files that store the text that characters within the game may say.

The purpose behind this is to eventually release a patch for AWL that fixes the many translation errors that are a staple to any Natsume game.

Simply run mesEditor.exe and choose 'Open' from the File menu. Select the .mes file you wish to open. From there, you can use the dropdown to browse through the messages in the file. As of version 0.1, editing is not supported.

Feel free to contact the creator on AIM (HarrisonHopkins) or via email ( Or you know, just post in this thread.

Version History:
v0.1: Initial release. Supports reading but not writing. Read support is 100% for normal characters. Some non-character data (such as item or location name references) are incorrect.

Other info:
I've included some .mes files in the /mes/ folder (since I really can't expect anyone else to have them ripped or be able to rip them). Additionally, in /other/ is hmawl_text.tbl, which shows what each character corresponds to.

.mes Editor v0.1

Now with all of that out of the way, I'm almost 100% certain that this is the *only* tool ever written solely for HM:AWL. It's an odd feeling.

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