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Pokémon Fakemon Game

Since this isn't technically a resource and I wasn't sure if it was considered an idea, I decided to put it here.
This is a thread where you can post sprites of Fakemon and a bit about them, as well as names, types and possibly movesets. Then, you can take one that someone else made and insert it into a Gold or Silver ROM in place of Ho-Oh or Lugia, staying as true to the creator's data as you can, and alter the scripts a little so that it fits in more than the original mascot.
- I recommend posting a sprite that is NOT devamped, so that the people who use it have to be a little more creative, either by showing their style of devamping or by scratching a sprite. These can lead to the Pokémon being displayed slightly differently, which may in turn cause the Pokémon to be portrayed differently and possibly altering the plot more than if not. Of course, if you want it to be portrayed a certain way, it is totally fine to have your own sprite.
More bonuses coming soon!
Conyata is a piñata that came to life. It can only learn Encore and Fly (in later games, it should be Encore, Flatter and Bounce, but Bounce and Flatter don't exist). It is pure Normal-type. You can also add burn, paralasis and freeze-inducing moves to it, since it can't have an ability in Generation 2 and its real ability can do that on contact. Here is its sprite:
Due to the absolutely ridiculous number of shades I used, scratching is highly recommended. Note that it has only one front leg and one back leg. Also, in case you didn't gather it from the sprite, the confetti on it is entirely random.

I haven't been on this site for a very long time. Sorry about that! >.<
I am probably not going to get very far in the ROM projects that I've started, at least until I get more experience hacking, so I apologize.


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