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#1 2012-03-15 12:39:10

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Pokemon cristmass hack problem

whem i play it in meboy it randomly resets the and and just freeze, why?


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Re: Pokemon cristmass hack problem

eithne wrote:

Q: [Game] crashes/freezes/doesn't start. Can you help me?
A: Unfortunately, MeBoy doesn't perfectly emulate the Gameboy hardware, although I try to get as close as I can. Most games work, but some use special features that MeBoy doesn't emulate, or features that MeBoy only emulates approximately. In general is no setting or similar that you can change to make a non-working game work (but see the previous question in case the problem is between MeBoy and your phone).

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#3 2012-03-15 14:13:21

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Re: Pokemon cristmass hack problem

@Netto-kun, what version of meboy did u used?

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Re: Pokemon cristmass hack problem

I would assume that this bug is related to the already known bug that the game will reset after the intro if it is played in SGB mode instead of CGB mode. I'm still looking into fixing this, its the last major bug that I know of. I've fixed a ton of minor bugs, a few more annoying ones (Some of the new evolutions had a growth rate value that didn't match their pre-evolved form, causing a level up bug after they evolved. Corsola was given Sneasel's move/evolution data pointer due to an oversight on my part, etc. All are fixed now) But yeah, I'm working on fixing these emulation bugs if possible, so that more people can enjoy it. However, if the problem ends up being with meboy and not the rom, there is nothing I can do. Hopefully whatever I find to fix the SGB problem will also fix the meboy problem.

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