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Was the Gold/Silver clock reset menu an addition to the localisations?

The button combination for the clock reset (Down-Select-B) does not work in Japanese Kin/Gin, unlike the English version.

I was wondering whether the function still exists in the game, or whether it was something that was only used in the localised games? I know that the related menu with the message prompting the player that the clock's time may be wrong does appear to exist in both Kin/Gin and Crystal (Kurisutaru).

I realised that in Kin/Gin the WRAM address 0xCE58 changes which menu pressing A on the title screen will take the player to, for example setting it to 0x01 takes the player to the "reset data?" menu. In the English Pokémon Crystal, the clock reset function is still present but the button combination for it was disabled. As Blaziken257 noted on Gold/Silver's TCRF article, the clock reset menu can be accessed in the English Crystal by setting 0xCF64 to 04. The equivalent for Japanese Crystal seems to be 0xCF58 (interestingly, it also seems to change the number of wins in the Battle Tower), but strangely, a value of 04 freezes the game.

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