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#1 2011-12-09 18:54:33

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Republican Candidates

So now it's basically down to Ron Paul, Newt "Globalist" Gingrich, and I think Romney(although I don't really give a rat's buttox who else is there but Ron Paul).

Who do you guys prefer to win? I'm going for Ron Paul because he's the only one up there that isn't a Globalist hog who wants World Government, and someone who actually wants us out of war.

Hopefully he won't be like Obama who repeated the same slogans like "Yes we can" over and over again to ratify everyone. I actually thought the man was the Anti Christ for awhile because he knows how to talk to the public and decieve everyone. People thought he was going to ACTUALLY change the world, depicting him as Superman lol.

Anyway, ranting aside. Ron Paul is the number 1 man under the sun. Too bad the Media ignores him, labeling him as an "extremist" lol. Ron Paul is a threat to the Military Industrial Complex--that Eisenhower warned about. And with great reason.

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Kuroko Aizawa
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Re: Republican Candidates

Tyler Perry: Oops.


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