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General Help/Starting

So yeah. I'm trying to get in to this whole hacking business. But I'm pretty new to all this and all the info I've found is either sketchy or way too technical. I'm starting from scratch here on the computer side of the business. I would like to preferably have it on a Silver rom, but any II Gen rom would be okay. I would like to know the general stuff like the programs for character sprites, finding the rom to hack, map editing, making new Pokémon, etc., the whole nine yards. Anyone who could tell me, that would be uber-nice and anyone you one on one help would me even better.

Also, would Apple or Microsoft be better? And what running system? I'd like to know which computer to use.

By the way, I don't need stuff on where to get ideas on the new Pokémon themselves, region/game names, etc. I've got that already.



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Re: General Help/Starting

Microsoft would be infinitely better than apple. XP is also preferable as the OS, as 99% of the tools and utilities are written for windows, and run well under XP but will often crash on the newer OS's like Vista and 7.

For Map Editing, a program like Goldmap or Johtomap is what most of us use. They are pretty straightforward, and have some differences in features between them but they are both solid for editing maps.

For editing overworld sprites, Tile Layer Pro (often abbreviated TLP) is the way I do it. It lets you edit any of the non-compressed graphics in the rom, such as the ones on the trainer card and some of the tilesets.

For editing the tilesets themselves, there is an editor that Melash posted which is well suited for that, it should be in one of the threads around here.

For inserting pokemon or trainer sprites, you will want to use a program called AgiXP, which is also posted here.

Adding new trainers and pokemon is pretty complicated, so for starting out the way to go is to replace existing pokemon and trainer classes with new ones.


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Re: General Help/Starting

I also have a question, How can you edit the pokedex texts? and also, the footprints? Or the foot prints is editable in agixp also?



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Re: General Help/Starting

Aicy wrote:

I also have a question, How can you edit the pokedex texts?

It is text. Search for the text from a Pokédex entry and you’ll find it.

Aicy wrote:

and also, the footprints? Or the foot prints is editable in agixp also?

Agixp is for compressed graphics. Footprints are not compressed.

There is a “Search” link at the top of this webpage. If you use it you will find out how to edit footprints right away.

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