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RBY Gym Badges

In the game, gym badges let you use HMs, therefore, giving a defined path in the game.
What I need is to know how to make this HM sequence by making changes involved with the gym badges:
-Badge#1: (The person blocking the path moves)
-Badge#2: HM Cut
-Badge#3: HM Flash
-Badge#4: HM Fly
-Badge#5: HM Surf
-Badge#6: HM Strength
-Badge#7: (Opens the viridian gym)
-Badge#8: (All pokes obey)

The purpose of these badges in that order is to give a very specific linear path through the game, when utilizing HMs, so no sequence breaks.
Which would be an efficient method to do so: swapping which badges the gym leaders give (ex: Brock gives out marshbadge instead of boulderbadge) or should i change the effect of the badges themselves (Example: Thunderbadge allows flash to be used)?

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Re: RBY Gym Badges

It’s likely that it’s not related to badges at all, but instead specific bitflags that are set by the gym leader’s script. So you would only have to change which bitflags are set by which gym leader. (This is a guess; I never looked at this too closely.) An example leader script is described here.

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