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#1 2011-08-24 00:33:39

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Cry Data

Since nobody seems to have documented it (and if they have I failed to find it with a Google search)...

The cry data is located at 0x39446 in Red and Blue and 0x39462 in Yellow. It's simple enough - three bytes per species in ID number order (Rhydon, Kangaskhan, ..., Weepinbell, Victreebel) including the 39 Missingno. entries. First byte is the cry ID, second byte is the pitch (default 0), third byte is the length (default 80).

There's 38 cry IDs; I documented which Pokémon use which here. I also tabulated the current cry data here for ease of reference. (I used the first Pokémon in each list from the first file as a mnemonic for the second - my choices sometimes differ from those used by Cry Editor GSC, but I think most of them happen to match.)


#2 2011-11-27 19:10:35

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Re: Cry Data

Links are broken, I'm afraid. This looks like it would be great to have, though.

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Re: Cry Data

I hope it's okay to reupload them: 1; 2



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Re: Cry Data

I kinda knew that one, most of them are repeats of the last, but altered.


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Re: Cry Data

I hate to bump a topic like this and it's probably pointless to make a new topic, but I found where the data for each cry is located in a japanese yellow ROM. The list starts at offset $39818. I'm in the process of documenting the list seeing how both of those download links don't work anymore, unless if someone else still has the list and is willing to post it here. :P


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Re: Cry Data

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Re: Cry Data

Out of curiosity, has anybody found the actual data or ASM that handles the cries? I know there are the 3 bytes to define them, but there's got to be more that defines what each type of cry sounds like.

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