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Resource Thread

This is just a thread for those who may want to begin hacking GB/C Pokemon roms. Below is what I'd recommend to for you to use, and what tutorial's you might want to study.

AgiXP==With this tool, you can extract and import sprites for any character in the game. Including back sprites and tiles. If anything I would say this is better than TLP, however I'd only use it if you're inserting new tiles without overwriting any. Than that being said, I wouldn't know if AgiXP would load those new tiles if it's a fixed program; meaning it only recognizes the original offsets and not newer ones.

Tileset Editor==With this tool, TLP is the thing of the past. You can edit palettes of your tiles and even edit them and make blocks! It may take awhile for you to complete the box set(took me 4 hours to do the Pokemon Center) but it's very worth it. Editing Morning, Day and Night is possible too. Also, if one needs to use TLP, the offset can be found in this tool as well.

Town Map Editor==This tool is handy at editing your town map. As for repointing areas on it, I'm not sure. I don't use it simply because I don't have a need to edit my Map at all.

Title Screen Editor==This tool is useful for editing the Logo and basically the title screen altogether. As for inserting things like adding on to it, I think you have to use TLP for that.

Intro Tweaker==Used for editing the Oak intro and chaning the title screen music.

Gold Sprite Editor==Useful for editing the sprites in the game. However I realized that not all of them are present, like Will and Karen and a few others. Nontheless, I recommend it obviously.

Hack-O-Matic==I only use this to fix the checksum error of my hack. It has other features, but is outfated and practically replaced by the newer tools.

GoldMap 1.7Pre==I recommend this as it has quite a few good features. From choosing what area you want the game to start at, to editing blocks. It also makes a good editor for mapping. However, I've been told that new areas won't load up since the program isn't INI based, meaning that it doesn't use an extension of files where one could insert his new offset into. However, older Goldmap's support that.

JohtoMap==Another good map editor to use. This has features that GoldMap has and vice-versa. I mainly use this for connections, and checking out my scripts since this is capable of using a script editor as an extension, i.e PKSV.

Trainer Editor==A good program for editing Trainers and Leaders(and rivals). However, the only downside is not being able to make the name bigger than it is in the original trainer, and adding new Pokemon. Hex editing is required for that.

Item Editor(Mateo)==Good for editing items and finding the ASM pointers too. I'd use this for the others that aren't used in game like Teru-Sama's, which with the Hex Editor, can be used into a sufficent item(key item rather). I myself haven't used it, at least not yet.

Item Editor(Swampert)==Another good Item Editor.

TMMaster==Useful for editing TM's and the order too....I think.

MartEd==Edit the Mart's items.

StartEd==Edit Rival's Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon EditorSpeaks for itself.

Translhextion==Hex editor, albeit a good one. I use all the time. Can be applied with table files to read the data. Use this and copy and paste the codes into a text file than save it and change the ".txt" to ".tbl". Than use the table data by finding the basic functions of Translehextion.

Pointer Berechner 3(sorry but I can't find the link)Useful for calculating pointers by entering a offset.

Changing Battle music for certain groups of people(JLeaders, KLeaders, Champion, etc) Looks difficult but isn't. If you type the offset of 4458D for example, you'd see 11 2F. 2F is the Champion style music which has been set, hence ld de,$002F ; set song coming before those who would play that song. Same would apply with others and can be changed by locating the offset for that music battle data.

New Region==Following this would help you make a new region. I haven't used it, but Miksy is one of the few experts here.

AGIXP==shows how to use the AgiXp program.

Tileset Header Editing==Explains how to edit the tilesets and insert them. However, AgiXp and TSE can basically do what most has been explained here.

Trainer Editing==Get aquainted at learning how to edit existing Trainers and even add some!

ROM locations via G/S==Useful for finding important offsets that could be used with a hex editor. Or for reference.

Sound Data==Useful for knowing what byte to use when inserting music into events, or even changing the battle music with the tutorial applied above.

Attack list==Useful for when adding attacks for the special trainers like Gym Leaders. Regular trainers pokemon have default attacks.

Adding events==Useful for adding events with GoldMap. However, Johto Map has this covered now.

Title Screen Editing==I've yet to use it, but use this for figuring out how to edit the titlescreens. The dreaded program TLP(Tile Layer Pro) is required.

Miksy's Tutorials==Hands on view of Miksy showing how to do many things via videos.

Battle endings==For those special battles like rival.

Another scripting Tutorial==That Mateo explains.

Tauwausser's Scripting CompendiumLastly, the great Tauwausser's compendium, filled with how scripting data starts and ends, and even how to make battles. Basically learning certain commands will help you understand how scripting works. Combining certain commands together in the hex editor will make it happen in the game. Look at the scripting tutorials to see how that works exactly. And don't give up because there are a lot of numbers. They all mean something, 5A for example initiates a talking sequence.

Should anything needs to be added, I leave that to the Admin's of this place.


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