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Pokemon Legends

Is a hack I had been working on for the 3rd gen. However I haven't worked on it in a month due to personal reasons. For now it's on hold but not scrapped. I just decided to post it here so that folks wont think I'm a total newb at hacking lol.

You just moved to Riverside Village. Your rival of course lives next door, he's competitive and friendly. Not a jerk like Green, or a smartie like Cheron. Anyway, you wake up the next day and your dad tells you you're going to be late to the Pokemon Academy Trainer graduation. Getting out of bed, [player] receives a Pokemon. One his or her dad caught. Being the only one out of his class to have a Pokemon he must keep it on hush. But [rival] finds out anyway and gives [player] an item to help you. Telling you that they're going to be late he burts out of his room.

Leaving town you encounter 2 strange Trainers talking about a rainbow colored Pokemon and challenges you to battle, but [player] lets them know he's no trainer. They leave with one Trainer dropping a [strange Note]. On your way into the Academy, you witnessed the 2 Trainers and others surrounding a mysterious man named Richard. After the event they take leave and the graduation begins. You've just become a Trainer! And are bound to encounter many strange things in the adventure ahead.


I know everyone might be thinking "What! Why Ruby and Sapphire?"

Well the answer is...I don't know. They hardly get any action. Plus R/S/E are barely hacked so I thought they deserved some spotlight. But these Ruby and Sapphire aren't the same ones or rather in this game, they have an alternative journey. Kinda like a alternate universe.

Now I hope that stirs some excitement in people. I can basically work on this hack alone, but I need people who can work on spriting I can insert them. I need title screen editors too. I want to use the FR/LG sprites of the heroes but I need someone to finish the set off by adding running shoes and bikes. I already have the sprite for the rival.

And there you guys have it. I'm currently stuck because the Rival sprite changes colors when I choose a name for him manually. Maybe someone can assist me?

This hack won't be half-assed. I'll be editing the textboxes, the colors of the intro where the Professor talks(which reminds me. I'm going to be using Oak. I was going to use a women but I can't find a sprite big enough to insert on the intro...). It's obvious that tiles and palettes have been edited. And yes they are from the old beta of Liquid Crystal, which are public use. However if there is a problem I'll change it up a little by editing the palettes some.

Expect many new items, challenges and events ahead in this hack. Many Legendary Pokemon are involved. Team Rocket may even be in it too, like a rivalry like Emerald. But that's a big maybe. I'm kinda tired of the Rockets. We'll see. I hope you all likey.

Tile Creators for Liquid Crystal by LaZ
Kyledove for hero/heroine/rival sprites and the rival OW's.
Me for scripting everything

Pokemon Blue DX is reborn!

It's really not


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