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Model Hack - Use This As A Guide

These are categories that are needed in a thread:
If a category is not emboldened then it is optional.
Also, do not post the information here and tell users to go to another board for updates.

Hack Name: Model Hack Version

Hack of: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal

Introduction (Optional, but preferred)
This hack is not real! It is merely a way of making the model hack give a good example of how to do it!


This hack takes place in a region! In it, you play as a player who gets their first Pokémon from Professor Someone. In this region, you have to face Team Summat who is planning to take over the tri-state area. You will have to defeat the team or catch a legendary pokemon or do something else, involving cameos, plot devices, and fat men saying technology is incredible!





Progress (Optional)

Maps - 0%
Text - 0%
Sprites - 0%
Scripts - 0%
Other - 0%

Download link goes here

Credits (If there are any)

Mateo - Some screenshots
FoolOnTheHill - Screenshot
Nintendo - Screenshot
Cartmic - Original thread

I would recommend that you do not post any hacks in this section unless you have some sort of patch available.

Cartmic, Mateo

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