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RBY Map Data (coordinates)

Where is this stored and how is it stored? I couldn't find any document on it.


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Re: RBY Map Data (coordinates)

Here you go:

70E87 - Town Map Order Pointer

70EA2 - Town Map indication box pointer

70F11-70F3F Town Map Order

710D1 - Town Map Data Pointer

71100 - Town Map

If I remember correctly it goes something like this [y][x][two byte pointer to map name] Let me just double check as the last time I did it was when I released that violet beta back in 09.


Right, I remember the the first part, which is where the pointer moves next when you move it on the Town Map, this is stored at 70F11 and is listed in which maps you want in which order, e.g. 00-Pallet Town, 0C-Route 1, 01-Viridian City, and so on.

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