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The GB/GBC Pokemon Preservation Project

In the event that a bunch of stuff has disappeared, I have spent months trying to collect as many Gameboy and Gameboy Color hacks, prototypes, bootlegs, and various other forms of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow + Gold/Silver/Crystal.

Keep in mind, a good number of these still have working links in this forum and probably other sites, but at the end of the day, these links are becoming harder and harder to acquire, such as the actual FINAL version of Pokemon Grape (which to my understanding, some kind of argument happened and the hack was removed by the creator).


This is a folder with 4 separate archives:

G1 & G2 - This archive contains Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon betas, prototypes, unreleased dumps, and other variations of these things.
InternationalPoke.7z - Same idea as G1 & G2 Poke, but for international versions of these (such as Korea, Europe, Australia, etc) - Contains the probably a hundred or more GB and GBC pokemon rom hacks, patches, bootlegs, prototypes, spriteswork, documentation, cheats/codes, glitchcity wiki documents, tools, and so on. - Basically a collection of sprites for GB/GBC Pokemon games, both official, prototype/beta, bootleg, and demakes.

If you would like to CONTRIBUTE to this archive, you can find me on the POLISHED CRYSTAL, GLITCH CITY RESEARCH INSTITUTE, TELEFANG.NET, and BOOTLEG GAMES WIKI official discords... my username on there is the same as on here.

A big thanks to LuckyTyphlosion, Sanqui, Dabomstew and various other people of the ROM hacking community for having not only created some of these hacks/patches/etc but for also providing me some content that was lost on now defunct forums, websites, and so on.

NOTE: I have all of these files backed up multiple times, and I try to update this on a weekly (if not daily) basis, depending on if I am able to find other hacks worth keeping.

Rules about sharing ROMs ----->

UPDATED on 6/24/2022
Added a few more rom hacks

Pokemon Classic Edition and Open World Hack (by Q from community)
Pokemon Green (Rev E) by ShaneM
Pokémon Trilogy - Red, Blue and Green with JPN Graphics (by NitroHedgehog)
Pokemon Red/Blue Smooth Text (by LuckyTyphlosion from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Pokemon Red/Blue - WTF Edition (by PiaPwns from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Pokemon Red/Blue Fast HP Bar Scroll (by LuckyTyphlosion from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Pokemon Red/Blue Multiple Optimizations (by LuckyTyphlosion from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Kanto Cup Red/Blue (by gifvex from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Blind Red/Blue (by LuckyTyphlosion from PokemonSpeedruns community)
Pokémon Red/Blue - Enhancement Patches + Debug Menu (by RenaKunisaki from PokemonSpeedruns community) (github found, needs compiled)

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Re: The GB/GBC Pokemon Preservation Project


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