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Pokemon Crystal 2.0

Pokemon Crystal 2.0

Quality of Life Hack of Pokemon Crystal

Hello all,

I have been working on a quality of life rom hack for pokemon crystal recently and I thought I would release it here. There are plenty of hacks on this site that offer way more than my hack is offering (even some quality of life hacks already made), but I did this because I wanted to learn how to hack my favorite pokemon game and for the changes to be done myself, as they mean more to me that way. This rom was pretty much made for just myself and a couple of my friends but I thought I would release it here anyways.

// Changes //

  - Added Running Shoes, used by holding the B button (Victoria Lacroix's code)
  - Implemented the Physical/Special split from newer generations (Rangi's wiki guide)
  - Added a custom menu sprite (and overworld sprite) for every pokemon (the help of Maniac, Rangi, Chamber, as well as others)
  - Shiny odds changed from 1/8192 to 1/128 based on DV calculations
  - Fixed glitch where HP bar would go down very slow for enemies with high HP
  - Fixed glitch where BRN/PSN/PAR didn't help pokemon catch rate odds
  - Changed Frame #1 to the classic pokeball frame from Red/Blue/Yellow (Idea from Rangi's polished crystal)
  - Color coded starter pokeballs to match pokemon contained within them (Idea from polished crystal)
  - Edited all pokemon learnsets, almost all pokemon learn moves that make them useful now
  - Changed evolution methods:
      Trade evolutions are now level based
      Eevee to Umbreon & Espeon now through Moon and Sun stones, respectively
      Goldbat to Crobat now level based
      Held Item trade evolutions now just occur by using that item like a stone
  - Edited NPC trades and wild grass pokemon encounters (use pokedex to find ones you want)
  - Edited NPCs to alert player of some changes for wild Pokemon
  - Edited all gym leader teams to be more relevant and stronger
  - Edited elite 4 teams to be more relevant and stronger (much stronger than original but not so much it isn't fun)
  - Edited move data to make certain moves more powerful (i.e. Fly is now 100% accurate and power 90)
  - Strength is now Fighting type and power 90 
  - TMs are now unlimited use & removed the quantity (1x) from item menu (Rangi's wiki guide)
  - Changed wild Lapras level in Union Cave from 20 to 30
  - Made Red & Blue's team higher levels
  - Made the day of the week siblings always visible
  - Stat boosting held items (i.e. Charcoal) now boost types by 20%
  - Added Instant text speed option (idea from polished crystal)
  - Edited 2 or 3 of the NPCs to be people who mean a lot to me

// To do & Wish List //

  - Will try to implement question system by Elm at start of game where the answers determine the starters. A Throwback option for gen 1 starters, Classic for gen 2 starters, and Fresh for new set of 3 starters (would also need to adjust rival's team possibilities)
  - Would like to have the 3 legendary birds as static encounters
  - Would like to add the GS ball event
  - Would like to change the opening credits pokemon to Umbreon as he is my favorite
  - Would like to edit the title screen to contain a "2.0"

// Download Link // … sp=sharing

// GitHub Link // … rystal-2.0

// YouTube Walkthrough (In Progress) // … 81WbuCc74L

// Credits //

Thank you to:

Everyone who contributed to the pokecrystal disassembly

These guys directly responded to many of my questions and are pretty much the whole reason I know how to do anything

Chamber et al for the custom mini sprites

Many people on this forum as well provided answers and asked questions in the past that I also used during my learning so odds are if you have an account here I owe you some credit for getting this rom functional, if I didn't list you please know you're appreciated.

Would also like to thank GameFreak & Nintendo for making Crystal so great to begin with

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Re: Pokemon Crystal 2.0

Im imterested but the drive link is broken


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Re: Pokemon Crystal 2.0

This looks awesome!



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