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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

One more:

I have changed the stats screen so that it shows the pokemon's current happiness, e.g. 70/255. It works. But the number displays with the game's "¥" money symbol in front. Its not game-breaking but I'd rather it not be there.

The script I have for displaying happiness in engine/battle/stats_screen.asm is:

ld de, HappinessString
call PlaceString
hlcoord 1, 9
ld de, wTempMonHappiness
call PrintNum
ld de, HappinessTextString
call PlaceString
; now for caught location
call .PlaceCaughtLocation
ld de, MetAtMapString
hlcoord 1, 11
call PlaceString

Is there a simple way to fix it?

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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

Put "lb bc, 1, 3" before "call PrintNum". The comment in engine/math/print_num.asm explains why:

; Print c digits of the b-byte value from de to hl.
; Allows 2 to 7 digits. For 1-digit numbers, add
; the value to char "0" instead of calling PrintNum.
; The high nybble of the c register specifies how many of the total amount of
; digits will be in front of the decimal point.
; Some extra flags can be given in bits 5-7 of b.
; Bit 5: money if set (unless left-aligned without leading zeros)
; Bit 6: left-aligned if set
; Bit 7: print leading zeros if set


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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

Rangi, you hero.

I was reading that text in engine/math/print_num.asm and figured that was something to do with it but I couldn't figure what exactly to do. Glad to know I was on the right track - just needed a little helping hand!


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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

Btw, BOOST15673, it sounds like something might be up with your RGBDS installation? Maybe you didn't get all the packages you needed when you installed it?

Doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with the ROM code or with the emulators so it sounds like there's a problem with the software that's building the game from the code.

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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

after a small hiatus from modding GSC i'm back with tinkering with Item Effects... but i'm a bit struck ATM...
maybe someone has an idea to improve it... the goal is to give my PKMN a berry (RAZZ_BERRY) and increase its happiness outside of a battle AND without healing it

well, here's the script:
jr RazzBerryCommon

call UseItem_SelectMon

jp c, .DecidedNotToUse

ld a, MON_ITEM
call GetPartyParamLocation

pop bc
cp 0
jr nz, .skip_happiness

farcall ChangeHappiness
call RazzBerryMessage
ld a, 0
call QueueScript
ld a, [wItemEffectSucceeded]
cp 1
call z, UseDisposableItem

jp StatusHealer_Jumptable

xor a
ld [wItemEffectSucceeded], a

it technically works, but only in battle... outside of it, it just displays the text that my PKMN ate the berry, but doesn't increase its happiness for some reason
it's probably a simply solution i'm just overlooking


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Re: Simple Questions & Answers


I recently added an item to my hack that increases happiness with no additional effect. It seems to be working. It's not a held item and is only usable outside of battle so it's not exactly what you're after but perhaps it will still help. Here's my script in engine/items/item_effects.asm:

call UseItem_SelectMon

jp c, RareCandy_StatBooster_ExitMenu

call RareCandy_StatBooster_GetParameters

farcall ChangeHappiness

ld hl, HappinessRoseText
call PrintText

jp UseDisposableItem


The HAPPINESS_BRONZEITEM is just a value I defined in the happiness arguments file. Replace it with your chosen happiness value. And obviously, you'll need your own text to load.

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Re: Simple Questions & Answers

Alright, here's a question about a basic skill but it's one I haven't used yet in my hack.

At present, pokemon in my hack cannot learn as many moves through levelling up as they can in, say, Polished Crystal. That's because when I try to add more moves to data/pokemon/evos_attacks.asm it isn't long before the file becomes too big for its current ROM bank.

I take it that a solution is to move this file into a roomier ROM bank.

I assumed that the way to do this was to find where the INCLUDE: "data/pokemon/evos_attacks.asm" command is and move the location of that command to a different ROM bank. But I can't find any such command. The evos_attacks.asm file is not 'included' anywhere, so far as I can see.

So I'm honestly stumped. Appreciate any help from kindly folks out there!


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