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Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

The wait is over, folks; Pokémon Crystal Ultimate v1.0, the complete hack, is out!


The goal of this ROM hack is to be the ultimate Pokemon Crystal experience for fans, a remaster of sorts: same story (with a few new scenes and dialogue), same Pokemon, same world (with some restored and improved areas), but the game is more playable, balanced and challenging. There’s extra content added too as well as many QoL improvements from music to sprite work to brand new features and battle system improvements! Here's an overview trailer for v1.0:

First of all, please note that this ROM hack is based off of Pokemon Crystal 1.1, so make sure to have that ROM if you intend on using my patch instead of the .gbc (see the Discord invite link at the bottom to access files).




As seen in the screenshots:

- Map changes that bring previously unimpressive areas to life (e.g. Victory Road in the first screenshot) and add convenience, such as the Goldenrod shortcuts
- Reworked in-battle and overworld sprites for notable characters and Surfing, as well as for Pokemon in the party menu and overworld
- Added evening as a time of day with a golden hue
- Convenient features such as being prompted to reuse Repels, resuable TMs, new gen 1 (GENWUNNERS) move tutors, a move reminder, and a Pocket PC
- More item variety and accessibility, such as a Lucky Egg early on, rare items found as milestone gifts in your room, all decorations can be obtained
   outside of Mystery Gift, and fossil Pokemon are found in the Ruins of Alph

Here are some other features not shown in the screenshots:

- Over 90 new trainers added to the game
- New music and softer night versions for all outdoor themes
- Hold B to run
- All 251 Pokemon and all items obtainable through normal play
- Base stat, move and Pokemon type changes to rebalance the battle system (see the documentation linked below for details on a Classic version that
   limits some of these changes)
- New special trainer battles and superbosses
- New side quests
- A level and stat exp curve that match a diligent player's progression
- Level caps for extra challenge (added in v1.0.2)
- Trainer card badges are in colour and a third page has been added for Kanto
- Sprites have a softer and darker hue at night to match the darkness
- 1/256 shiny encounter rate (1/3 for the Odd Egg) and shinies always have high DVs
- Fixed many bugs (such as Kurt's balls) and restored things like the Celebi event
- Significant AI improvements and trainers later have held items and meta movesets
- Improved rematch system: rematch trainers offer their number automatically after you first defeat them and have much better scaling
- Every ball has a unique colour palette and catching Pokemon yields exp
- In-battle weather indicator
- Elite Four rematch with new dialogue

I could go on about a ton more features in Ultimate, but I believe that this will suffice to pique your interest! For all of the details and files, including documentation, I invite you to join my Discord server:
Note: If you do not wish to use Discord, I am told that the ROM is available through some download links you can find on Google. However, I am not responsible or advocating for the distribution of the ROM via such links.


I would like to credit the following people who helped me in the process of creating this hack and learning about asm and Crystal disassembly hacking (which wouldn't exist without iiMarckus and co's work on the project). First of all, the fine pret folks that form the backbone of the pokecrystal github community, including Rangi (made countless great tutorials and Polished Crystal), others who made tutorials (such as growlie777), Seasick, Electro, ax6, Idain (also gave me his tailless Slowpoke sprite), i0brendan0, potato, TriAttackDev, TriteHexagon (created the night themes and helped me integrate them), Stan40 (title screen), and Mmmmmm and Pigu (many music themes). Thank you to ChattyCrystal for the files for the gen 3 Pokemon added and Nuukiie for the gen 7 one added, and SirWhibbles for Lance’s second in-battle sprite, which SailorShirayuki improved upon.

I’d also like to especially thank Seasick, KDLPro and Idain, who helped quite a bit with some coding issues for some of the QoL changes and have been good friends and collaborators, and the fine folks who made the unique menu/overworld sprites for every Pokemon in the game (see documentation).
Finally, I extend much gratitude to the members of my Discord community who have supported me and given feedback throughout the ongoing development process, namely Jason Biggson/Ben&Co (trailer credit, TO DO), Sir Kitten Tavo, Ping Pong, Vamsi, KingCoocuroo, No_Honor, FyodorVoynich, and knight13117 (these last three helped notably with testing and feedback), Azurot, Idain, Animage, and KDLPro.

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Re: Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

I'm a fan!

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Re: Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

Glad to hear! The complete version will likely release in the next couple of months or so, I hope. Lots of cool stuff coming to Kanto to make it feel more alive!


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Re: Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

Updated the post for the release of 1.0!


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Re: Pokemon Crystal Ultimate

The files on my Discord have been updated for v1.0.2, which adds level caps, among a few other things.

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