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Custom Movesets for major trainers.

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm sorry but I'm new with the disassembly and the asm codes. I was wondering if someone can help me with how I can create custom movesets for major Trainers (rival,Gym leaders, Elite four, Rocket Boss), I've seen some hacks that has this feature (Pokemon Red and Blue DX), so I was wondering how is this possible? I know that there is a similar thread in the forum, however I think that it's not that useful to me. That's it. Thanks in advance.
EDIT: I'm using pokered disassembly btw.

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Re: Custom Movesets for major trainers.

Hi Gabriel, welcome.

Take a look at "TeamMoves" in data/trainer_moves.asm and engine/battle/read_trainer_party.asm

Let me know if you have any specific questions!


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Re: Custom Movesets for major trainers.

Speaking of Gym Leader Special Moves.

In Red/Blue, certain trainers such as Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members have specified moves that according to the pokered disassembly they are structured like so.

Gym Leader moves are LoneMoves and Elite Four moves are TeamMoves. Difference is that Lone Moves only apply when it's index of the entry is written in the corresponding script.

I'm making a simple mod-based romhack where I (successfully)changed almost all the trainer's parties to have 6 Pkmn each and this includes Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and the Rival.

Thing is as I lack a PC or Laptop and am limited to mere hex editing on a mobile android phone(it's not that bad if your handy with using a spreadsheet to map out data, hexcode, and changes and using functions to convert words and numbers to hex).

I need to know a couple things:

First, is there a way to edit which moveslot the special move overrides using only hex editing or is running the disassembly on PC 100% required?

Second, when editing Elite Four Moves instead of [ Party Pkmn Slot Byte, Move ID] it's [Trainer ID, Move ID]. Gven that, how to I edit the Party Pkmn Slot of Elite Four trainers using only Hex Editing,? As again that's what I'm limited to as I cannot afford a laptop or PC at this time to use the disassembly.

Update: it seems after doing some sifting around it seems that the move in Moveslot 3 is what's overwritten with the trainer specific move. I also noticed that the Rival has these special moves during the champion fight with Pidgeot knowing Sky Attack and the starters knowing Mega Drain(Venusaur), Fire Blast(Charizard), and Blizzard(Blastoise), yet they aren't in the special_moves.asm, so how can I hex edit those moves like I can the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members? Are they in a different offset address within the ROM?

2nd Update: After learning some Assembly Jargon and the hexcode they correspond to, I've managed to locate the Rivals special moves, they are arranged in assembly code order at the offset address of $39ce9. The bytewords to edit are as follows: 3e8f, 0648, 067e, and 063b in that order, the first byte of each word(either 3e or 06 are instructions within the assembly code and are NOT to be changed. It's the second byte we want to edit as those are the hexcode for move IDs: 8f(Sky Attack for Pidgeot), 48(Mega Drain for Venusaur), 7e(Fire Blast for Charizard), and 3b(Blizzard for Blastoise). I'm thinking that changing these values changes the corresponding move used by the Rival's Pidgeot and Starter Pokémon respectively using the Special Moves shtick.

I think I have what I need so even though my post wasn't replied to, thanks in advance anyway but I've managed to figure this out for the time being. Since I'm kinda new to romhacking still, any pointers or advice I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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