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[pokered] Modify Trainer parties data

Hello everyone! I've been using the disassembly for quite a while and I've managed to do some stuffs thanks to the tutorials and the questions and answers from other users of this site. There are however, two things that I can't get to work no matter what I do.

First one is Modify the DVs of trainers classes How can I do that?

Second one is Modify the trainers movesets.

While browsing in these forums looking for an explanation, I came across a hack that does exactly what I want. It gives each trainer class a specific set of DVs and trainers have custom movesets. The hack in question is Pokémon Red★ and Blue★. I've tried to replicate what the creator did with no success. So I hope someone can explain me how to do both things. If anything, the branch that I am using is the one that merges Pokered gbc and crysaudio. Thanks in advance and sorry for being a pain.


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