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Putting out feelers...

So I have a very specific idea in an 80 page detail pitch idea.
Motivation? Check.
Time? Check.
Skill, Knowledge? None whatsoever.

So I guess the question is two-fold:
Are there people on this forum that would be interested in taking a look or possibly advise on a project?
And is it feasible to look for team mates for a project or am I pretty much on my own execution-wise?

I realize I may be asking way too much, I just have no idea where even to start.

I appreciate any help. Thank you all in advance.


Edit: I realized some basic information might be helpful...its pretty long winded but here's the most streamlined version I've got:

Capsule Monsters:
This project is meant to be how Pokemon would have been if its production schedule had gone closer to initially intended. Many of the Pokemon's and move names, movesets, and several maps have been altered or built entirely from scratch to reflect this.

Other Features:
Flying Type split into Bird and Air:
Attacks "very effective" against Bug, Fighting, and Grass types
Attacks "not very effective" against Ice, Electric, and Rock
Defense "very effective" hit by Ice, Electric, and Rock
Defense "not very effective" hit by Bug, Fighting, and Grass
Attacks "very effective" against Fighting and Bird types
Attacks "not very effective" against Electric
Defense very effective" against Electric
Defense "not very effective" hit by Fighting and Bird
Defense "Immune" hit by Ground
Brand New Pokedex Entries: Every entry has been rewritten from the ground up, incorporating Red, Blue, Yellow, and Stadium entries. They have not been simplified, and may occasionally contain reference to violent imagery.
New/Changed Maps:
Pre-Gym: Small tutorial Gym added in Viridian City, identical to Helix Chamber's ROM
Vermillion City: added pathway to Vermillion Port accessible post-game.
Diglett Cave: Now connects to Greige Desert.
Greige Desert: An extended desert area supplanting Route 10.
Pokemon Tower: Added express elevator from F7 to a new area, B1
Celadon Hotel: Has been expanded, F2-F12 are a dungeon, F13 is the Abandoned Penthouse, a dilapidated area similar to the Tin Tower.
Hazel Floodplain: A new dungeon set west of Cycling Road.
Reworked Silph Co. Building: Remapped and serves as two dungeons, one ending with Silph Co. President, and a second one accesible from the rear of the building post-game where the Silph Co. Chief is. Similar to Helix Chamber's ROM until the end of the last dungeon.
Reworked Safari Zone: remapped, without zone mechanics implemented.
Similar to Helix Chamber's ROM.
Cinnabar Mansion: Added B2 accesible from the center of B1
Victory Road: added Victory Road Summit accessible from the interior.
Reworked Indigo Plateau: completely reworked, large, many level dungeon with many every type of area and very strong Pokemon/Trainers. Identical to Helix Chamber's ROM.
New/Changed Trainers/NPC: Fully restored post-game Prof. Oak and Silph Co. Chief battles, and Shinjuku Jack and Firefighter Trainer Classes
Mirage Monsters: Pokemon that are very hard to find, and can only be evolved very late-game to encourage finding, challenging, and catching the static encounters.
Skullcrackn: Hazel Floodplains Deep Interior
Arcanine: Cinnabar Mansion B2
Dragyon: Victory Road Summit
Ohmecha: Silph Co. Secret Penthouse
Phantam: Pokemon Tower B1
Mew: Vermillion Port

Complete: (pretty much anything that can be written without coding.)
Wrote entirely new Pokedex entries for 191 featured Pokemon, based on aggregated information from Red, Blue, Yellow, and Stadium entries for existing Pokemon, including dimensions.
Defined Bird and Air type and interactions.
Defined new Pokemon names, types, movesets, stats, evolution data, and spawn locations.
Changed any needed existing Pokemon names, types, evolution data, and movesets.
Defined descriptions of new features, maps and any other required additions
Changed existing moves names, stats, types, and effects as necessary.
Created new moves with names, stats, types and effects.

To do: (Pretty much everything coding related.)
1: Acquire and label reference images. -Internet search, doable.
2: Acquire Drawn mockups. -Either in-house or farmed out, doable.
3: Code Bird and Air Type and their interactions. -Not sure how to do, maybe a tool, or in disassembly somehow?
4: Change existing and code new Pokemon stats, types, movesets, sprites, locations, evolution data and/or Pokedex entries. -Existing can probably be done by stacking a bunch of tools i have, I have no idea how to load new pokemon slots or images.
5: Define placement and rosters for added areas and Trainer Classes. -Not a single clue.
6: Code spawns for added areas and define green exclusives. -Green exclusives can be defined pretty easily, filling extra areas is a complete mystery.
7: Map new locations and define wild and trainer data. -I got nothing. not a clue.

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