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Is there...?

So, I've been wondering if there's a romhack or anything that "spares" you from all the adventure stuff and lets you jump straight to the fighting part, letting you freely choose everything you want from minute one.

Like Pokémon Showdown, but without all its flaws and being able to use more than the same two mons literally everyone uses.

There was God of Arena but it was way too slow-paced and restrictive for my taste, and Pokémon Red Battle Factory or whatever, but that's even more restrictive, and even with a save glitch that turns all enemy mons to level 0, half of the time the limited picks for each round are severely lacking.

In the most likely case that there's none of that, I assume it's too complicated to just make one of these, even if it's mostly removing things.

(I'm already seeing the geez, why would you want something different from the norm? replies, but I'm curious to see if anyone has ever seen something like that)

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Re: Is there...?

I'm not sure... That is a really cool idea though

thanks for everything :D
i'm much less active now, but I still look around every few weeks. keep it cool skeetendo.


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