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Pokeyellow Crysaudio - How?

Ok, I know that by now I'm probably getting annoying, but I need to ask you guys about stitching Crysaudio to Pokemon Yellow.

Tonight I spent about 8 hours trying to git merge Dannye's Crysaudio with Pret's Pokeyellow. I had real trouble making sense in what I had to replace, because:
1) I'm still a noob
2) Pokemon Yellow has the extra Surfing Minigame, Printer, Pikachu Intro, a fourth Sound Engine etc etc, that make so many differences, which ruined me

After mananging to solve all the conflicts and lower the countless errors from like 200 to zero, the result was this creepypasta:


No need to mention that the entire intro was BW, and the moment I chose Player name the game just crashed. So I pretty much failed. Obviously.

The only reason I'm doing this is because I wanted to add a couple more songs to Yellow, but obviously just adding a song constant and a header doesn't work (tried - the result was absolute silence when said song played, that's why I resorted to Crysaudio).

I've seen people always suggesting Crysaudio to others who ask, but for Pokemon Yellow merging isn't that easy... I just want to add two songs, and now I don't even know if it's worth all this trouble lol

So I need to ask, is there already a repository of Pokeyellow with Crysaudio like there's Pokered-Crysaudio for Red? Or, if there isn't, is there anyone who can please help me make some sense out of this huge mess?

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