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Gen II Trainer Sprite locations for modding Kris into G&S

Hey all,

I am trying to modify my German G&S to have Kris as the player sprite. 

So far, using Pokemon Gold Sprite Editor, I've been able to tediously recreate Kris's sprites (walking&biking) in Gold. 

Then comparing my Kris Gold to original Gold dump, located the sprites locations in a hex editor.  Searched for those hex strings in Crystal, and found a match.  After playing around, I coped the entire chunk to the next blank section (1344 bytes) which happened to include walking, biking, & fishing sprites for Kris!  So on G&S I've got all Kris sprite except for back (battle) and standing stprite.

Does anybody know the rom locations for trainer back and standing sprites in G&S, and in C (for Kris)?  Even if they're the locations for English I can compare and find the corresponding strings in German and just copy them over.

Thanks in advance!

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