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[Yellow] Change the Potion in your pc for a Bike

So, you start the game with a potion in your pc, which you can withdraw before leaving your bedroom.

I wanted to replace it with a more useful item, say a bike or pokéballs, for the player to start the game with, but I don't know where that data is in the Rom to edit with Gold Finger.

I know nothing of coding or disassembling and such... so far all my changes have been in the hex editor..


#2 2021-04-11 16:18:04

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Re: [Yellow] Change the Potion in your pc for a Bike

I strongly recommend that you try using the disassembly from now on instead of a hex editor.

The POTION item you are looking for can be found here.

For help getting started with the disassembly, follow the instructions in


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