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[ROM Hack] PokeCrystal Remix (Name is TBD)

Hack Name: Pokemon Crystal Remix (The name is a work-in-progress)

Hack of: This is a hack of Pokemon Crystal that uses the Pokemon Crystal Disassembly as a base


Hey there everyone, this is DogShrapnel, coming at you with a Rom Hack several years in the making.

Simply put, this project is a personal re-imagining of the Pokemon Crystal experience,
with the main goal being to put a new coat of paint on the game.

I started this project many years ago, back when the disassembly project didn't exist yet,
so rom hacking was in a much less developed state, though that didn't stop talented people from creating incredible projects.

The original basis for what I wanted out of this was to create a Pokemon Crystal game,
where most of your options are extremely viable.


Of course, you accomplish a goal like this by tweaking virtually every aspect of the game,
some in minor ways, while many more in significant ways.

Some of these include:

• Tweaking over 150 moves, some just minor changes to PP, other transforming never used moves into new ideas.

• Every single Pokemon has had their BSTs and stat layouts modified, to try and make every pokemon useful in some way

• Tweaks to some Pokemon's evolution levels and methods, to be more balanced and less erratic

• Several Pokemon have had their types changed, to avoid having too many similar types, and to help some Pokemon stand out

• A few type match-ups have been changed, to help buff under powered types, and nerf strong ones

• Several TMs have been changed, typically ones that wouldn't be very useful during a playthrough

• Many items have been modified, healing items have had their amounts changed,
type-boosting items have been buffed, and other less useful items have been tweaked

• Pokemon level-up learnsets, TM learnsets, and even Egg moves, have all been changed, often in quite dramatic ways,
in order to help many pokemon have a more diverse set of options available, while trying to avoid giving pokemon too many moves,
so as to avoid having redundant or inferior movepools compared to other pokemon

• Unfair advantages like badge boosts and the AI randomly failing with status moves have been removed

• Critical hit ratio has been modified to be like future games

• The vast majority of wild pokemon have been completely changed and have had their levels changed,
gifts and trades have been changed as well

• Stat Experience has been completely removed, not to make the game harder necessarily,
but to avoid the common issue of not wanting to change what pokemon you use during a playthrough,
pokemon you add to your team will no longer have to play catch-up in order to become as useful as your current ones,
making it very easy to mix and match your pokemon team

• Most maps have been completely changed, though the general layout of Johto is the same,
the maps themselves are often very different from their originals, along with new events, and items to find

Other small changes include instant text, faster saving, completely new in-game text, changed wild encounter probabilities,
dark sprites at night time, new and changed music, modified trainer AI, and so forth.




• yenatch, kanzure, iimarckus, Pikalax, and anyone else who's contributed to the Pokémon Crystal disassembly project.
• Miksy91, Akwa, Crystal_, comet, and other members of Skeetendo for their advice and for answering questions
• PikalaxALT, pigdevil2010, Koolboyman, chaos_lord2, padz, and anyone else who worked on TPP Anniversary Crystal 251
• FroggestSpirit, Pum, Pigu, Mmmmmm, and huderlem for their great music devamps.
• The members of Game Freak, and Nintendo for originally creating Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal


Note that this patch requires a V1.1 rom of Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal Remix

Currently, this hack goes up until the start of Kanto, which will come at a later date.

Obviously, report any bugs you might find and please,
leave any thoughts and opinions you may have about this, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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