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Pokecrystal: Changing how much more damage weaknesses do.

Hello, and I hope I can make sense of this.

I wanted for Super Effective Hits to be lower than x2 damage, something like x1.7 or 1.5.

I saw that in Battle_constants there's the SUPER_EFFECTIVE constant being EQU 20. I can lower that, but then the type matchups get all wonky, with pokémon that previously were neutral to a certain type because their type combinations now being resistant or weak, depending on what appears to be the first type. I could use the "MORE_EFFECTIVE" constant that is EQU 15, but I get the same results.

So I obviously am missing something, problem is that I can't make much sense of the code in effect_commands.asm and "CheckTypeMatchup" which I think it's what controls the power, as I messed with it a bit and indeed I can lower the damage of supper effective hits by editing this:

ldh [hMultiplier], a
call Multiply
ld a, 10              <---- This number
ldh [hDivisor], a
push bc
ld b, 4
call Divide

But I still get the wonkyness I mentioned above. It's like the game is hardcoded to expect double the damage out of an effective move and if it isn't exactly that it scrambles, but I do not see where in the code expects that, much less how to edit. It's probably something most people wouldn't think to change, so I don't know if someone found a way, but I'd still like to ask for a bit of help.

I do not know much about GBC code so that's probably the biggest problem...


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