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Badge level scale patch [for Crystal]

I had this idea for a quick Crystal minihack while I work on something more substantial. Simply put, trainer and wild Pokemon will gradually scale up from their base level as badges are earned. I wanted something that would make the more open parts of the game (especially Kanto) less static while still letting the base game shine through and I'm honestly very happy with how it's come out.

The way it works is that all regular trainer teams gain a single level for every badge (Johto and Kanto) earned. They also all have an extra +2 by default, and gain an additional +2 after clearing the Elite Four for the first time. Base level changes have been made to the first Rival battle to make sure it's still at level 5, while Blue's (-4) and Red's (-10) parties have been altered to make sure they don't blow out of proportion. Badge stat and element boosts have also been removed since stat exp is really more than strong enough on its own, and a few trainer teams with movesets that would become "weaker" than they would be naturally with the extra levels have been updated slightly.

Wild Pokemon gain a level per badge only for Johto, to keep them roughly in line with trainer growth until Kanto where they lose consistency of scale regardless. This is not extended to fishing, Rock Smash, Headbutt or set-level encounters because I find these to stay about where they should newly be anyway.

This effect really starts to kick in first after reaching Ecruteak, and then the entirety of Kanto is obviously completely free-ended. If you're wondering how this stacks up in terms of difficulty, it's not really anything beyond some of the other mainline games in the series. There's a bit of gen 1 syndrome (particularly Yellow) where later gyms and the Elite Four suddenly jump up in level compared to everything else, but if something's hard it's generally for the same reason it would be in the base game and by the time things start getting very high later in Kanto stat exp has really started to take the edge off. Mostly in practice what it does is make non-boss trainers able take and dish out a hit or two instead of having even bad matchups barely matter.

I've additionally included bug fixes for all the Kurt ball catch rate issues, and switched the Dragon Fang and Dragon Scale back to the effects they should have.

Think that's everything there aren't really any story or visual changes to go over here

Download link: …

To all those interested, hope you can enjoy.


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Re: Badge level scale patch [for Crystal]

This is nice


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