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Help me restore Sabrina gym's bug please?

I'd like to restore this bug using pokered's github and the script for Saffron gym please


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Re: Help me restore Sabrina gym's bug please?

I wish to know where I screwed up this.

I never touched the Saffron Gym script but Sabrina is saying the winning text after losing against her, maybe something related to rival text that I restored?

Anyway about your question, I'm already looking at since I've succesfully restored other japanese glitches over international like select and subselect glitches. I will post a result in the next few days since I already have the code but it needs to be fixed and adapted first so don't use it.

This code is on bank_017.asm when decompiling midori/aka with mgbdis.

    ld hl, wCurrentMapScriptFlags
    bit 6, [hl]
    res 6, [hl]
    call nz, .extra
    call EnableAutoTextBoxDrawing
    ld hl, SaffronGymTrainerHeader0
    ld de, SaffronGymScriptPointers
    ld a, [wSaffronGymCurScript]
    call ExecuteCurMapScriptInTable
    ld [wSaffronGymCurScript], a
    db "SAFFRON CITY@"

    db "SABRINA@"

    ld hl, Gym6CityName
    ld de, Gym6LeaderName
    jp LoadGymLeaderAndCityName

    xor a
    ld [wJoyIgnore], a
    ld [wSaffronGymCurScript], a
    ld [wCurMapScript], a

;    ld a, [wIsInBattle] Not present in jap code?
    jp z, SaffronGymText_5d048
    ld a, $f0
    ld [wJoyIgnore], a

    ld a, $04
    ldh [$8c], a
    call DisplayTextID
    ld hl, $d6d4
    set 7, [hl]
    ld bc, $ea01

Call_017_46df: ; ?
    call GiveItem
    jr nc, .BagFull

    ld a, $05
    ldh [$8c], a
    call DisplayTextID
    ld hl, $d6d4
    set 6, [hl]
    jr .asm_5d091

    ld a, $06
    ldh [$8c], a
    call DisplayTextID

    ld hl, wObtainedBadges
    set 0, [hl]
    ld hl, wBeatGymFlags
    set 0, [hl]
    ld a, $04
    ld [$cc4d], a
    ld a, $11
    call $3e9d
    ld a, $22
    ld [$cc4d], a
    ld a, $11
    call $3e9d
    ld hl, $d76a
    res 0, [hl]
    res 7, [hl]
    ld hl, $d6d4
    set 2, [hl]
    jp SaffronGymText_5d048

    ld a, a
    jr z, .asm_5d134

    bit 6, a
    jr nz, .asm_5d12c

    call z, SaffronGymText_5d068
    call DisableWaitingAfterTextDisplay
    jr .asm_5d15f

    ld hl, SaffronGymText_5d16e
    call PrintText
    jr .asm_5d15f

    ld hl, SaffronGymText_5d162
    call $3c79 ; not PrintText? 
    ld hl, wd72d
    set 6, [hl]
    set 7, [hl]
    ld hl, SaffronGymText_5d167
    ld de, SaffronGymText_5d167
    call SaveEndBattleTextPointers
    ldh a, [$8c]
    ld [wSpriteIndex], a
    call EngageMapTrainer
    call InitBattleEnemyParameters
    ld a, $01
    ld [wGymLeaderNo], a
    xor a ; what's this? :S
    ldh [$b4], a
    ld a, $03
    ld [$d57b], a
    ld [$d97c], a

    jp TextScriptEnd

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