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Re: Pokemon Patched Crystal 1.0 Initial Release

Just checked your github repo, looks like you are creating an alternative version. Already played current one multiple times but I would like to see some features, hope you don't find it annoying. Kanto feels so small in the original game compared to RBY, following suggestions would fit without making Kanto too different than the original game. Almost every city, route and cave reduced in size in GSC, maybe you can make them 1:1 so it feels more lively.

1. Restoring:
    a. Goldenrod Pokécom Center (From Japanese version of Crystal)
    b. Cerulean Cave (Static Mewtwo and Mew encounter)
    c. Viridian Forest
    d. Safari Zone
    e. Seafoam Islands
    f. Cinnabar Island
    g. Pewter City Museum

2. Restoring some censored sprites.

3. Goldenrod Pokécom Center can be used for trade simulation (something like [FR Hack] Pokémon Throwback did to Bill's house) so you can keep evolutions as vanilla as possible.

4. Adding one-time static encounters for legendary birds, maybe recreating RBY locations?

5. DV checker on pokémon profiles.

6. A way to buy competitive items, can be good $ sink.

7. A way to obtain all room decorations.

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