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Making Hone Claws work properly in Pokecrystal

So here is my asm file for Hone Claws. I copied portions of Curse since it's the only move in the game that affects more than one stat at a time.

; If no stats can be increased, don't.

; Attack
ld a, [bc]
jr c, .raise

; Accuracy
inc bc
ld a, [bc]
jr nc, .cantraise


ld a, $1
ld [wKickCounter], a
call AnimateCurrentMove
call ResetMiss
call BattleCommand_AttackUp
call BattleCommand_StatUpMessage
call ResetMiss
call BattleCommand_AccuracyUp
jp BattleCommand_StatUpMessage


; Can't raise either stat.

ld b, ABILITY + 1
call GetStatName
call AnimateFailedMove
ld hl, WontRiseAnymoreText
jp StdBattleTextbox

The problem is when the stats are maxed out. It plays the animation, and then its turn ends. I'm pretty sure that AnimateFailedMove needs to go, but I'm not sure what else I need to change. Any tips would be helpful. Thank you.

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