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Help on uploading an image to this forum

Hi. I have three .2bpp sprites that I want to convert to .png, but cygwin denied one of those images when I attempted to convert it. Somebody on another discussion asked me to post the problem. I have taken a snapshot of the problem and it's on my hard disk, but I don't know how to upload it. Does anybody know how? Thank you very much.


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Re: Help on uploading an image to this forum

Instead of uploading a screenshot of the Cygwin output, it would be much better and easier if you highlight the output, copy it, and paste it into your forum post.

Also, wrap the pasted output in a bbcode "code" block by beginning the output with "[​code]" and ending the output with "[​/code]"

Then the output will appear in a pre-formatted code block like this:

<Cygwin output goes here>

You can read more information on bbcode here.

To answer your original question, if you do need to upload a screenshot in the future (like an emulator screenshot), you can upload the image to an image hosting service (such as imgur) and then put the link in an "img" bbcode tag.
Again, more information can be found at the bbcode reference link above.


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