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Pokemon Gold disassembly: I need Help with PAL_BG_0

I am trying to change the tilesets in Pokemon Gold with the disamassembly along with Polished Map (SpaceWorld tileset into Pokemon Gold) and when i use Cygwin64 Terminal to make the test rom i get this.

rgbasm -L -Weverything -D _GOLD -o main_gold.o main.asm
rgblink -n pokegold.sym -m -l -o pokegold.gbc audio_gold.o home_gold.o main_gold.o wram_gold.o data/text/common_gold.o data/maps/map_data_gold.o data/pokemon/dex_entries_gold.o data/pokemon/egg_moves_gold.o data/pokemon/evos_attacks_gold.o engine/movie/credits_gold.o engine/overworld/events_gold.o gfx/sprites_gold.o gfx/tilesets_gold.o gfx/pics_gold.o
error: main.asm(25) -> gfx/tileset_palette_maps.asm(15) -> gfx/tilesets/johto_palette_map.asm(12) -> gfx/tileset_palette_maps.asm::tilepal(4) -> gfx/tileset_palette_maps.asm::tilepal::REPT~1(5) -> macros/data.asm::dn(56) -> macros/data.asm::dn::REPT~1(57): Unknown symbol "PAL_BG_0"
make: *** [Makefile:107: pokegold.gbc] Error 1

I don't know what means i am very, very new to this. Can anyone that knows about this can help me out that will be great.

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